Transparent Governance

The current Council doesn’t like public participation that’s not aligned with their views. Despite the loss of our local suburban newspaper that regularly reported Council actions, they recently disbanded the resident volunteer Newsletter Committee that prepared the Arden Hills Notes for decades. Fearing public meetings where residents can speak, hear, and openly debate issues of interest, a tight lid is kept on free speech. They prefer “science fair” meetings where we can’t publicly offer views, they refuse to answer public questions at Council meetings (i.e., thinking on their feet), and they muzzle residents speaking about City litigation and costs.

What’s our vision?

  • A Council that invites, rather than discourages, public participation

  • A reestablished resident volunteer Newsletter Committee

  • An end to the litigation gag order on Public Comment at Council meetings

  • Timely responses to Public Comments at Council meetings

  • City Council Work Sessions, with public comment, broadcast on TV

  • An end to hostility directed toward resident initiatives (e.g., chickens, food trucks, etc.)