Property Taxes

The current Council recently compared our “low” 2021 property taxes with higher taxes in other cities that they cherry-picked for their newsletter (e.g., St. Paul, Maplewood, Roseville, and Blaine, all with much larger populations). They left out cities with similar populations and lower taxes (e.g., Vadnais Heights, Little Canada, and White Bear Lake Township). However, it’s a somewhat meaningless exercise because city populations and tax bases differ, capital expenses are financed differently, and public service needs differ. If the current Council truly wants to control property taxes, it would have quickly moved forward to resolve differences with Ramsey County over TCAAP/Rice Creek Commons. Instead, the estimated $700 million in private investment, with the promise of substantial tax revenue, remains unfulfilled. We need a Council focused on the big picture – especially building the TCAAP/Rice Creek Commons tax base - not meaningless comparisons and micro-management.

What’s our vision?

  • Truth-in-taxation that provides a more honest picture of City property taxes

  • Moving forward with TCAAP/Rice Creek Commons, and realizing significant growth in the City’s tax base and revenue

  • More flexible zoning for resident improvements to our aging housing stock that would also add value to our tax base

  • An end to penny-wise, pound-foolish fiscal oversight