Agreement on TCAAP/Rice Creek Commons

The TCAAP/Rice Creek Commons project is an unparalleled opportunity for Arden Hills - an opportunity that other cities only dream of having. Planning for the project began in 1995, and the necessary groundwork has been laid. However, it’s been stalled for years because the current Council is incapable of reaching agreement with the landowner, Ramsey County, on the number of housing units and affordability. The failure of our City to move past their current position of 1,460 housing units has brought continued delay, litigation that cost City taxpayers $300,000 in legal fees, and no return on public funds already invested in the project.

What’s our vision?

  • A mutually acceptable agreement with Ramsey County that moves the project forward and protects the fiscal and public good interests of Arden Hills residents

  • Housing density within the range of City-approved environmental reviews (the 2014 and 2019 AUARs) that assessed the site and area traffic infrastructure impacts

  • A return on the $4 million+ of our Arden Hills taxes already spent on the project

  • A return on the $40 million+ of our Ramsey County taxes already spent on the project

  • An expanded City tax base with an estimated $700 million in new private investment.

  • An estimated $2.1 million in new property tax revenue annually, plus new resident utility fee revenue.

  • New affordable housing for seniors, young families, and residents with more limited means (e.g., the City has already approved a goal of 373 new units by 2030)

  • New opportunities for Arden Hills residents – an estimated 4,000 new jobs, retail development (e.g., interest already expressed by Costco and Whole Foods), a new Y or health club

  • New infrastructure (streets, utility mains, parks and trails, water tower, etc.), all paid for by the project developer

  • An innovative, reliable energy system for the project that’s also economically viable