A Productive, Responsive Council


Three current Council members, a majority, have been on the Council for 15 years or more, two of them for 20 years or more. This experience has not resulted in effective governing. The current Council has a reputation among other elected officials, Boards with City Council representation, and residents as “difficult to work with.” New challenges will require revitalized leadership. Our Team won’t always speak with one voice, but we’re united on the need for change. It can’t come from a status-quo that looks backward rather than forward.

What’s our vision?

  • A new Council majority able to Advance Arden Hills

  • A Council with fresh ideas and thoughtful outcomes for residents and businesses

  • A Council that welcomes resident initiatives and public participation

  • A Council that’s a constructive, collaborative partner with neighboring cities, regional governments, and boards with City Council representation

  • A Council that resumes support for Northeast Youth and Family Services, the only regional non-profit, community-based, mental health organization serving youth, adults, and families. (In 2021, the current Council ended our longstanding partnership with the organization, one that 19 other cities and school districts support.)